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Emma Race and Lucy Race are the team behind Making The Call. The sisters are part of the team that created The Outer Sanctum, an award winning podcast and radio show. 


Emma is an experienced broadcaster and producer, having worked across a variety of programs from podcasts to radio to television, over a number of decades.


As an Our Watch Media Fellow, Emma has a grounding in the relationship between sport, representation, and the prevention of violence against women. Through her AIS Leadership training she has extended not just her skills but her relationship with women working across multiple sports nationally. Emma is a passionate mentor and advocate and can’t wait to see an all-woman commentary team for AFLW in the future.

Lucy is a broadcaster and producer of the Outer Sanctum podcast and radio show, and has contributed to a variety of ABC radio programs as voice in football. Lucy has a background in communication and has delivered educational seminars and communications for a variety of industries. Lucy is passionate about the need for diverse voices and is committed to doing what she can to drive 50/50 gender equality in sports broadcasting. 

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